Sunday, December 2, 2012

Massie report

volume 3 valuation block 332, 333, and 334

           The Mark Massie report that I choose was very interesting because of how in dept and detail all the information were. In my Report, it is a collection of 3 section blocks. In the 3 blocks, it varies from single-family houses, multi- family houses, churches, businesses and industrial building. As I read over the different reports, Massie is very descriptive of the type of building that he was appraising. He explains the sizing of building, type of wood or brick that was being uses, even explained the type of dirt quality one of the Car Garage had.
            The Massie report I chose covered 3 housing blocks. The block 332 address vary from 1661 E street To 1607 E Street. This each parcel has a total of 11 or 12 houses or building. Massie had the values of the homes ranging from 8000, 3 bedroom 1 bath plus basement house in good condition inside and out, to a house valued at 2,500 2 bed room one bath wooden house in poor conditions. In every house or industrial building that Massie appraised, he used the Market approach, Income Approach, and Cost Approach. Massie descriptions were very in dept. he talked about the house valued at 2500 saying “ the interior is finished mostly with painted sheetrock. One bedroom and kitchen have unpainted V – rustic ceiling; the bathroom is partially unfinished and is open to the elements.”
            On the parcel 333, one property was a church. It is a 7500 square feet that can seat 250 people with 34 pews, with 18 feet ceilings. Massie compare this church with another church that was close and size and value addressed 1422 San Joaquin Street. The church was acquired by deed dated Feb 28, 1925.
            On parcel 334 it has the same 12 units of houses and commercial buildings. One building is a storefront and a house on top. Massie use just the income and cost approach for this appraisal. This particular appraisal, Massie gave a very detailed description of the shed, shelter, garage, and carport area of this lot. The 7500 square foot lot was valued at 11,168 at 80 cents a square foot.
            Today, none of the buildings or resident is still at the location.

The area is now a commercial building where a company owns it called Community Center of the Arts and Technology. Street “F AND “G” does not run through because of the commercial building. Streets “San Joaquin and Amador are no longer there because of the block of commercial buildling. The block has a post office and other commercial building where it was just houses and small businesses back in 1964 when Massie did the appraisal.

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