Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chapter 6 Multiple Choice Questions/T-F Questions

Chapter 6

Multiple Choice Questions:

An asset whose value is derived from the value of underlying assets that back it is called what?

a) Securities

b) Derivates

c) MBS


What term describes how quickly transaction prices within a market reflect relevant market information?

a) Effectiveness

b) Derivates

c) Efficiency

d) Situs

Which of the following is/are characteristics of a competitive market?

a) Perfect Knowledge

b) Critical Mass of Market Participants

c) Homogenous Product

d) all of the above

True/False Questions:

The product of every seller is identical to the product of every other seller is called heterogeneous.

- True

- False

The process of creating mortgage-backed securities is called mortgage securitization.

- True

- False

The equilibrium market price shows where supply and demand are not in balance.

- True

- False

The unique locational profile of a real estate site including the quality of its exposure and accessibility to neighboring activities and infrastructure is called Situs.

- True

- False

MBS are derivate assets.

- True

- False


b) c) d)

False, True, False, True, True

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