Monday, February 7, 2011

Chapter 4 Multiple Choice/True or False Questions

Multiple Choice

1) All of the bid-rent curves in a particular market make up this, which shows the relationship between property values and location.
  1. Urban economics
  2. Transportation costs
  3. Opportunity costs
  4. Land value gradient
2) The benefits companies create by locating close to other companies is an example of what?
  1. Economies of agglomeration
  2. Urban economies
  3. Central business district
  4. Highest and best use of land
3) Which of these is not an example of a competitive advantage?
  1. Climate
  2. Basic employment
  3. Transportation
  4. Attitude and leadership

1) Having a competitive advantage in one region means that you will have it in another. (False) (Regions as well as the competitive advantages associated with them are localized markets)

2) Basic employment is directly responsible for an area's competitive advantage. (True)

3) A sector growth model describes cities as growing outward and around a central business district in defined rings of different property uses. (False) (Concentric circle growth model)

4) An economic base is the business and industrial composition of a region's local economy. (True)

5) The central business district (CBD) is the focal point of the urban growth models. (True)

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