Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chapter 4 Questions

1.) Cities usually develop around CBD's

A. In rings
B. In sections
C. In Golf Courses
D. Both A and B

2.) Who came up with the theory that Cities develop in rings?
A. Von Thunen
B. Germans
C.Kurt Warner
D. Professor Hansz

3.)The Multiple Nuclei Concept states that:
A. Two is Better than one
B. Why are we discussing Biology in a finance class
C.Modern Cities typically have more that one focal point or CBD
D. Atlantis was lost because it did not have a CBD

4.)True/False Spatial Economics is a concept that astronauts on board the international space station are required to lean.

5.)True/False Tomatoes are more fragile than green beans.

6.)True/False an economic base is similar to an air force base.

7.)True/False Situs refers to the important location characteristics of a site.

8.)True/False the 1996 Olympics were held in Atlanta.


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