Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chapter 4 questions

1. The option or options foregone when you pursue a certain option is considered __________ costs.
A. Transportation
B. Opportunity
C. Problem
D. Fixed

Answer is B-opportunity costs

2. Urban economics is _________.
A. Study of highest and best use of land.
B. Study of urban spatial structure and location of household firms
C. Study of urban areas
D. Both B & C
Answer is D:Both b and c

3. An urban growth model recognizing that modern cities typically have more than one focal point and multiple CBD’s develop.
A. Axial growth model
B. Multiple nuclei concept
C. Sector growth model
D. Concentric circle growth model
Answer is B: Multiple nuclei concept

1. Economic Base is the business and industrial composition of a region’s local economy. T/F
Answer: True

2. The central location for commerce in an urban environment and the focal point of the urban growth models is known as the Central Business District (CBD). T/F
Answer: True

3. Land value gradient is the important location characteristics of a site. T/F
Answer is False- This is the definition of Situs.

4. The equation for Thunen Rings relationship between accessibility and land value can be written as land value= f (Accessibility). T/F
Answer: True

5. The business and industrial composition of a region’s local economy is known as economic base.
Answer: True

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