Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Multiple Choice Questions for Chapter 4

Multiple Choice Questions

Which of the following is/are transportation cost(s)?


b)opportunity cost



e)all of the above

The single land use that produces the highest return or price to a landowner is called what?

a)land value gradients

b)highest and best use of land


d)bid-rent curve

Which of the following is/are urban growth model(s)?

a)concentric growth model

b)sector growth model

c)axial growth model

d)all of above

True/False questions

The close the distance to the CBD the higher the transportation costs.

- True

- False

The higher the land values or rent the closer the distance to CBD.

- True

- False

Tomatoe farmers are interested in minimizing travel.

- True

- False

CBD’s are centrally located commercial districts where major business transactions take place.

- True

- False

Basic unemployment is defined as a job in an industry that serves the local population´s needs.

- True

- False


e) b) d)

False, True, True, True, False

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