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interview with Robert Boyajian

Zack Kaufman

FIN 180

Dr. Hansz

Interviewed: 2/11/2011

Informational Interview

For my informational interview I interviewed Robert Boyajian of Boyajian Reality. Mr. Boyajian has been in real estate for many years and has taken him all over California. He has had many accomplishments throughout his career and is very knowledgeable in the real estate, construction and business fields.

Q. What is your educational background?

  1. I went to Mc lane High School, then went to Fresno State and got my degree is Industrial Safety.

Q. So you have live in Fresno your whole life?

A. Yes I have.

Q. What different licensing do you have?

A. I have my Real Estate Brokers License and General Contractors License.

Q. How did you get started in your field of work?

A. In 1973, I got my Real Estate Sellers License. After working as a salesman for two years I got my Real Estate Brokers License in 1975. Now, I was in Real Estate for a few years there after, when in 1977 I started working for Nitrogen Corporation under which my B.S. degree falls under. I worked there for a few years while also working on the side in real estate. In 1979 I decided to go full time in real estate. In 1980, I got my General Contractors license.

Q. So you wanted to get into construction in addition to selling real estate?

A. Yes, In order to get your contractor’s license you have to work under a contractor for four years. Now, growing up my father owned a cement and drilling company and I worked for him throughout my youth and early years.

Q. What did you do next?

A. I built and sold my first home in 1982, which was a good feeling.

Q. So you are also involved in development? Do you develop track homes, like neighborhoods and such?

A. Yes, I do development. I have mainly stayed with building custom homes for individuals.

Q. What other areas of real estate have you ventured into?

A. I am also involved with property management. I currently manage about 75 properties.

Q. What are some personal skills that are needed to juggle all the different aspects of real estate in which you are involed?

A. You have to have good people skills, and be able to communicate with people well. I always answer my phone, all my tenets have my number and can reach me at most any time. You have to be organized and self motivated. Also, it’s good to know the trades of construction.

Q. What experiences have you had in your past that have really helped you grow as a business person? Have you have any learning lessons?

A. Of course. I’ve had many learning lessons. I’ve learned the most from buying and selling property and also I’ve learned a lot from the times I have lost money too. I’ve also learned a lot from the friendships and partnerships I have had throughout the years.

Q. If you could give some advice to someone like me who is just starting out in real estate industry what would it be?

A. It’s a great field to work in, be prepared to work weekends, work a lot of hours and have time of your life. Be as honest and as understanding as possible, and also I advice to have a second job while your just starting out.

Throughout my interview with Mr. Boyajian there were many side conversations and other things he talked about that really made the interview a big success to me. I learned a lot from our conversation and appreciate the time that he dedicated to me. One thing that stood out to me was I had mentioned that Helen Smades had came to our class and talked to us and how I really enjoyed listening to her and he began to smile and said “Starting out and to this day, every time I see her I tell her how I really looked up to her and admired her.”

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