Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jose Aranzazu

Fin 180

Informational Interview

I decided to do my informational interview with Antonio Gonzalez. He dose not work for a Real Estate company but, he has knowledge on the construction fields and designing projects. Mr. Gonzalez works for a small business called Unique Designz. The small company is located here in Fresno CA. Mr. Gonzalez is a Project Manager for Unique Designz; he also works as a designer. He has done small projects around Fresno and other areas near by.

Q: What made you choose this profession?

A: My father has always worked in the construction industry; and as a youth I would assist him in numerous tasks from the different trades. When I expressed my desire to him about continuing in the field he encourage me to follow my desire, however he suggested that I should work smarter not harder. Therefore instead of performing labor intensive task, he encourages me to pursue a profession design or construction management.

Q: How many years have you been in the business?

A: My title is Designer/Project manager and I have worked in the Industry since October of 2001.

Q. What are some of the negative and positive aspect about this profession?

A: There many aspects on both sides of the spectrum; however in effort to make things simple the most positive aspect of my profession is seeing the structures I design come to life when they are erected and constructed. The negative aspect would be the fact that in some instances I am limited due to cost, design guidelines, or an owners/developers perspective.

Q: What do you enjoy mostly about being a Designer?

A: The fact that I have the freedom to work on whatever job I see fit for me and the option to pursue particular jobs

Q: What is your educational background?

A: My background is High School, Community College, and University courses in Architectural Design, Drafting, and Construction Management.

Q: What were some of the classes that were helpful to you?

A: Courses that were beneficial and I feel are vital are: Management, Business Practices, and Finance.

Q: Would these classes help anyone who is interested in this profession?

A: Yes they definitely would along with your regular construction trade courses. It’s important to know how to build, however many things you will learn on the job and you will have to reference. Know how to research, ask questions and be able to find out for yourself not depend on others and verify to ensure you have facts.

Q: Where there other jobs you had before becoming a Designer?

A: Yes, clerk in a grocery clerk, sales men in a hardware store.

Q: Did your previous jobs contribute a lot toward your career?

A: Yes: Customer service, and knowledge of building materials, and tools of the trade.

Q: Do you recommend this profession to anyone?

A: Everyone who has a desire to be their own boss, see direct profits, has the ability to work alone while also depending on others, and has the knowledge base or the ability to acquire knowledge. Also you have to be very ambitious.

I would like to thank Mr. Gonzalez for giving me the opportunity to meet with him and tell me a bit about his life. Also, for making time in his schedule to meet with me, I know he’s always busy and I really appreciate it.

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