Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Informational Interview

Sergio Montes
Century 21
Interviewed by: Mohammad Aljehani

I also have interviewed another Realtor just for variety and wider information purpose. Sergio Montes is a Realtor associated with Century 21 M&M in Clovis, California. Sergio sells residential properties, small farms and ranches--short sales, bank owned REO's, and conventional sales. A real estate agent since 1998, Montes is bilingual, speaking Spanish and English, and a qualified foreclosure buyer specialist. He is also an active member of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP).

Q: What obligations does your work put on you outside the actual job? What are some lifestyle consideration for this career?
A: Having to identify time called ( quality time for your family) real estate just as any other job eats up your time. You have to preserve quality time for the family or else you will just end up in the office everyday including your weekends. In Real Estate you must work weekends out there with the clients for the reason that costumers mostly have time on weekends than weekdays due to work or daily duties.
A: It requires a lot of investment (schooling in Real Estate). If you are successful you can be your own boss in the future and can do whatever you want with your money, vacations, buy cars, clothes anything that has to do with money.

Q: Can you share some details about a recent research project that you worked?
A: continually learn , continue to educate yourself to increase your production for your projects and take specialized training. The public expects us to be professional and it is recommended that you acquire certifications such as; buyers agent, accredited , GRIC ( graduate real estate institute certification).

Q: What was your consideration from your study?
A: I heard glorious things about Real Estate about making lots of money and it got moving to this career. In Real Estate you can get rich if you are doing the right thing, if you are getting the right training, and meeting the right people.

Q: What is the typical career path from entry level to the top of the field?
A: Learning the basics for 2 years is where you start off and what gets you to the top is being your own broker and establishing your company. Also having your own employees to work for you. To get here it is minimum 2 years experience and have financial reserves to sustain the equipment.

Q: What does it mean to be awarded ?
A:In Century 21at the end of the cycle which is the end of the year the company gathers all the business you closed in the year and the money then it gets split between you and the broker. If you reached the goal of 60 closings by the end of the year you receive a centurian trophy and a number of awards at the ceremony. This opportunity also helps you open up to a bigger position you require.
Q: How do people usually find out about full time opening in this field?
A: After receiving your license they offer you a flexible schedule to adapt you in whether your efforts will fulfil you to get more work done and more hours. Also brokers open advertisement on the local newspaper to recruit agents and sponsor training for the agent to get them to work for the broker.

Q: Why did you chose real estate for this career?

A: I wanted to know my plans after my retirement in the forces. I had nothing much so i wanted to join real estate because it seemed interesting for me.

Q: How do you advance in this field?
A: Advance is based on the production , the more money you make the higher you get. It takes 6 to 10 years to know if you want to be a agent or a broker in all the experiences you past through.

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