Sunday, February 13, 2011


Chapter 1
1. The legally recognized rights associated with the ownership of real estate is:
A. Real estate investment
B. Real estate market
C. Real Property
D. Amortization
2. An Entrepreneur who creates real estate for human production is:
A. Developer
B. Lender
C. Mortgage Broker
D. Real estate agent
3. A person who asses the risk associated with real estate loans is:
A. Servicer
B. Underwriter
C. Lender
D. Broker
4. An origination creates mortgage by lending money to real estate borrowers.
5. There is only one real estate market.
T/F There are many real estate markets
6. Every parcel of real estate is unique.
7. Mosr real estate is not sold by sequential bidding.
T/F Most property is sold by sequential bidding
8. A broker manages the day to day opperations of real estate assets.
T/F A broker facilitates the sale of real estate while a property manager manages the day to day opperations

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