Tuesday, February 8, 2011

chapter 2 questions

1.)Agency costs are?

A. Something you would find on an FBI financial statement
B. The cost incurred by principals when agents working in their behalf have a conflict of interest
C. Something invented by Thomas Kuhn
D. None of the above

2.)A hypothesis is?

A. A sharp pointed object doctors use to draw blood
B. A fear of water
C. A statement of belief suggested by a fundamental theory
D.A small section of hippopotamus considered to be a delicacy

3.)Heuristics is?

A. Rules of thumb
B. A pizza topping similar to anchovies
C. Subconscious cognitive shortcuts to judgments and decisions due to limitations in human short term memory.
D. Both A and C

4.) True/False. The theory that humans make rational decisions when operating in an efficient market is called the economic man postulate.

5.) True/False. The person who finally doomed the philosophy of science was Attila the Hun.

6.) True/False. Generalizability indicates the extent to which the results of a study can be generalized.

7.) True/False. The Definition of "Controlled Experiment" is the longest definition on page 35

8.) True/False Anchoring is a Heuristic shortcut


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