Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chapter 1 Questions

1.) Real Property is:

A. Property that really exists
B. Another term for real estate
C. Legally recognized rights associated with the ownership of real estate
D. A term used to describe how real something is

2.) Real estate Markets are inefficient because?

A. Data Poverty
B. Localized Markets
C. Sequential Bidding
D. All of the above

3.)An Underwriter is?

A. A real estate Professional who facillitates the sale of real estate assets
B. Someone that works in a funeral home
C. A professional who specializes in assessing risk associated with real estate loans
D.Someone that appraises real estate

4.)True/False. Real estate Markets are historically inefficient.

5.)True/False. The real estate Market is like the internet.

6.)True/False. Origination is the process of of converting the rights to receive income from real estate assets into derivative securities.

7.)True/False. An asset manager manages the day to day operations of real estate assets

8.)True/False. the last sentence in chapter 1 is only three words long


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