Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chapter 3

Chapter 3
1. Who invented the two state theory of human information processing:
A. Bill Gates
B. Herbert Simon
C. Albert Einstein
D. None of the above
2. A component of the human info problem-solving system with a great capacity to store info is:
A Long-term Memory
B. Short-term memory
C. Chunk
D. Problem Space
3. Which of the following is a component of short-term memory:
A. Problem Space
B. Language Interpreter
C. None of above
D. Both A & B
4. Bias, is a type of systematic error.
5. Systematic memory is a large database-like component of long term memory.
6. A language interpreter does not need to understand the problem at hand.
T/F The function of a language interpreter is to understand the problem
7. The enviorment in which a decision maker opperates is the task enviorment.
8. Language interpreter and problem space are components of long-term memory.
T/F They are components of short-term memory where as semantic and recognition memory are components of long-term memory

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