Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chapter 2

Chapter 2
1. The allocation of scarce resources over time is:
A. Finance
B. Science
C. Agency Cost
D. Engineering
2. A statement of belief suggested by fundimental theory is.
A. Data Development
B. Normal Science
C. Heuristics
D. Hypothesis
3. A technique used in descriptive research to turn beliefs into knowledge.
A. Knowledge
B. Method
C. Hypothesis
D. Normal Science
4. Description is the engeneering work of improvement.
T/F Description is the scientific work of discovery while prescription is the engeneering work of improvement
5. A university professor is an academic.
6. It is important to understand sciences and discipline in the real estate world.
7. An anomalous fact is a research finding suggested by theory and always expected.
T/F An anomalous fact is not suggested by theory and not expected
8. Real estate is an applied disipline.

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