Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chapter 3 Questions

1.) A gut feeling is?

A. Something you get half an hour after eating that second burrito
B. A concept developed by Herbert A. Simon
C. A decision made by someone using their personal judgment.
D. None of the above

2.) Simon's two state theory states:

A. You should diversify your real estate holdings so all of your property is not in the same state.
B. That a house on property that is on the border between two states might have the kitchen in one state and the living room in another.
C. Problem solving is the interastion between the task environment and the human information processing system.
D. None of the above

3.)Problem space is?

A. The area between car seats
B. A term the CIA uses to refer to the Middle East
C. A component of short term memory
D. None of the above

4.) True/False. Task environment is the environment in which decisions are made?

5.)True/False. An ill defined problem is a problem that was defined by someone that was ill?

6.)True/False. A bias is systematic errors caused by the heuristic behavior of humans?

7.) True/False. Surgeons tend to use heuristics?

8.)True/ False. Chunk is a psychological term?


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