Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Informational Interview

Ray Lopez
London Properties
Interviewed by: Mohammad Aljehani

I have interviewed the Realtor of London Properties Ray Lopez who provides market analysis to determine the best value of homes and a marketing plan to fully advertise properties. He started off running his own corporations, and later on he joined the London Properties group.

Q :What are the educational skills required to succeed in Real Estate?

A: Skills are the same things that would be required for common sense because you're dealing with contracts and these are the things to understand; you need to go through years of classes of consumer service, contracts, understanding geography and geometry for measurements, ethics and community service. You will not be able to get by education if you're not able to think or reason.

Q: How is real estate contacted to make an important decision?

A: Agents will have to contact attorney, city, home inspector, home care for other contractors who can do repairs, construction, or any city service provider before making an important decision. You have to have a lot of responsibility, not only show houses; you must follow federal regulations and assure bank asset.

Q: How is location considered an influence in real estate decision making?

A: Commerce thinks it is all about location, but Realtors value comes from identifying the location the buyer is wanting; the popular phrase "location, location, location" which what they go by maturation of location as it grows. North location predicates what the price will be later, where the city will be in the next years, where the people are going to end up going. Location is very important; shopping, and business geographic keeps it vital to older locations people don't want.

Q: How did you get started in this field?
A: I used to run corporation and now I don't, so I decided to go for real estate because I had already have experience.

Q: What kind of background is best for a career in real estate?

A: Banking, Accounting and real estate. Few education for real estate is required, you don't have to even have a high school diploma.

Q: What was your educational background before you started in real estate?

A: College, I had no application in real estate.

Q: What do you consider to be the major responsibilities of a career in real estate?

A: I depends to who: buying clients, or selling clients; its all about the bound to do work in their best interest.

Q: What is the most rewarding aspect of your career?

A: A career where you can make a decent living by helping people in what they are wanting to do, and fufling their wishes and dreams.

Q: Would you choose this career again?

A: Yes, because it offers flexibility, schedules, also offers unlimited income; the more there is done the more you get, and the less you have done the less income because you could be paid very well based on your work, but it all depends in the mixture of things and the right person training you.

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