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Informational interview by Houa Vang

Blog 1 Informational Interview 
 By Houa Vang
Interview Susan Yang

In today real estate people are buying house across California and there are minority groups who couldn’t speak English and is looking into buying their very first home. Some minority group such as the Hmong are buying house for the first time and is having trouble because there are not a lot of Hmong speaking agent that would help. Susan is one of the agent that has been helping the Hmong community to find their dream home, she help not just the Hmong people but anyone that need to find their dream home and is very passionate about her job.  She became a real estate so that she can one day buy a home of her dream and become successful real estate agent.

What is your educational background and what make you want to become a real estate agent?
My career started in the medical field. I had no intension or even thought about going into Real Estate. I just took the test and pass. I guess everyone was doing it at that time so I decided to become a Real Estate agent.

What do you like about your job?
I liked when you get someone into the home of their dream and just a warm feeling to see them happy, especially the home that they want. I like what I do now so I can't think of anything I would change. I do work long hours but flexible hours. I can arrange personal appointments (doctor’s appointment, dentist) around my schedule.

What do you really do as a real estate agent and what is your typical day like?
Typical day for me is I will check my emails, return calls if anyone who try to contact me, check for any new homes or homes returning back on market.  Work on any files that needs to be completed, show properties, write contracts, send contracts in to agents.

When you first started as an entry level what do you do when you started as a real estate agent and how do you get your salary or paycheck?
            Entry level can be from answering phones calls, taking messages, filing paperwork, putting packets together as what is needed in the packets. Salary can be negotiated with the person who is hiring you. If you don't have a RE license, you are limited to what you can do so the pay may be less vers if you have a license and is assisting the realtor or broker, your pay may be more. When you first get hire you may not know much on the process and what to do. You need to get with a company that provides a lot of training, current updates on real estate laws, and procedures. 

14. What is the future outlook for this career? What are the areas of potential growth and decline? How do you see jobs changing in the future?
Right now the market in prices has changed, inventory is low, and financing are tougher for clients to qualify, however my business is still growing strong. You need to continue to educate yourself on all updated laws and procedures, manage your time, and provide the best service, honesty to everyone that you come across. The more people know who you are, how great of a job you can do to represent them.  You will continue to get the referrals coming. Your business will only grow stronger. It is you that drives your business to the next level.
Is there any organization for real estate that has helped you on your career?
Becoming members of National Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors and your county association will help provide valuable information, updated laws, and procedures.

What happen if the market decline how would this affect the real estate companies and you?
Overturns happens in a declining market. You just need to continue to seek business and keep your current business going. You can move from one position to another based on experience, being able to show what you can do to help improve the company. Most company evaluate you base on sales and performances.

She is one of those who like to help her client even if she is busy she will help her client until the end and find their dream home. She is very organized and well educated in real estate her constantly finding opportunity housing for penitential buyer.  She said that she can feel a similar feeling toward the Hmong minority of buying their first home because she can relate the feeling of a Hmong family buying their first house as once experience that feeling of her family buying their first home. She said that even though she never imagined becoming a real estate agent she has love doing it ever since she first sold a house to her client.

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