Monday, March 4, 2013

Blog 1 interview by Albert Chang

    Blog 1 Interview with Yeu Cha
By: Albert Chang

     The person I choose to interview for my blog post is Yeu Cha, he is the owner of his real estate company. Yeu reside in Sanger, California, with his wife and four of his children.  Also, Yeu have a talk show of his own on HmongUSA Network mainly about the real estate market for the Hmong community providing quality information to them.
     Yeu started off in this field as a loan officer. His educational background is some college and a high school dipolma. His major reponsibilities now for his position is the owner of his business as a real estate agent. He do not have a broker license, therefore, one of his friend is the broker for his company. Some of the rewarding aspect of his job is the feeling of finding a dream home for the people he had helped. Yeu stated, that he just not help the Hmong community find their dream home but also other ethinicity as well.
     One thing Yeu liked about his job is his schedule is very flexible even though he have to work 24/7 a week. He will have to do research online for listing of any houses that is on the market for his customer. There are time that Yeu had to go out late at night with flash light just to show customer house that they were insterested. Since Yeu schedule is so flexible that means that he have a lot of free time on his hand, plus, he is also the owner of his company meaning there no lock time schedule for him. He have plenty of time to spent with his family even though it may seem he have a lot of work load. Yeu stated, that the entry level is basically anyone that pass the state test and is licensed.
     The salary depends on certain company. You may work for a company that have 30% commissions and some company with 70% commission with or without any bonus. The best suited  skills and personality that Yeu said was well suited for any position is their attidtude to succeed in the market and the personality to win a people heart. The best educational aspect from Yeu for a career in this field is basic knowlegde and education. He said that computer skills are highly recommeded and it make everything easier plus math. One of Yeu weakeness is not following up with his customer because there are to many of them and he sometime forget to write it down on a piece of paper. When he use to work for a different company their promotion will be base on sales volume and who have the most sales get a trophy or plaque. There are no entry to top management because there the owner of the company than there are the realtor that work under the owner. Therefore, who put the most effort trying make sales well have the most outcome from it. He said that Fresno still have a lot of potential growth left than other big city because we are still expanding. Also, Real estate market will still be here in the future.
    Even though my major is not real estate, it still correlates in some way with my major, construction management. I learn a lot more about the real estate market after interviewing with Yeu. There are times where the market is not doing so well which is not a good thing on the income but there are time when the market is doing great. It was great that Yeu spare some of his time to have this interview with me. Yeu Cha is a great person to talk to about any real estate questions and about the market. If there is any question that I may need in the future I will go back and talk with him.

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