Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Blog Post 1

Lulu Carrizales

Blog Post Assignment 1:
Tom Carrizales Interview

Originally from the Central Valley, Tom Carrizales is now a realtor for Avalar Real Estate (conducting business in Bakersfield and Ventura County), and he is owner of TC Properties and Development.  He has been in real estate for 9 years with no plans of stopping.

Q:  When did you first get into the real estate business?
"I've been in the real estate business since August of 2004."

Q: What attracted you to real estate?
"During college I was working for a contractor drawing city county permits for builders. I became attracted to the high pace and lifestyle of real estate, development, and sales"

Q: Describe your first real estate venture?
"I went through an arduous 2 day interview."

Q: What education and skills are required to succeed in selling real estate?
"Speaking in terms of practice Time management, organizational, and exceptional communication skills are ESSENTIAL just to even be relevant. Speaking in terms of theory business management, an understanding of finance (collateralization instruments,etc) , and real property law."

Q: How much consideration do you put on location in your real estate decision making? Why?
"'Location, location, location.' That old cliche is very true. Location is key to desirability due to school zoning, special tax areas, public utility service availability, and most importantly to the every day consumer, crime rate and safety."

Q: What does your typical day look like? Hours?
"My typical day starts at approximately 5 am. I like to review/ respond to emails and categorize expense receipts while I'm on my stationary bike. I'm usually out of the house by 6:30 a.m. I run to Home Depot or other vendors as required for any speculation homes (flip houses, new construction), rentals (either my own, or ones belonging to absentee owners), and/or office supplies. I open the office at about 7:30 and start the office work day that ends roughly at 6 p.m."

Q: What does it take to be a good realtor?
"To be a good realtor/broker one needs to posses dedication and must be willing to endure adversity, objections, and other variables. As an office manager or broker, one has to mitigate all those responsibilities as well as back office operations (trust accounts, personnel, investment portfolios, insurances, and fiscal budget) as well as advertising, legal matters, and dispute resolution."

Q: What are you future real estate goals?
"My goal in the real estate industry is to continue forward, diversify, keep a small operation and build more quality products."
 It is clear that Tom Carrizales is successful in the real estate business.  He is not only a realtor but a real estate entrepreneur having started his own business in the field.  He has accomplished a lot in his career, and with his hard work and determination he will continue to be successful.  Real estate has high pay offs when someone works towards attaining their goals.  As an entrepreneur major, real estate is a path that correlates with my future goals.  Gaining Tom's insight in the field was helpful and eye opening.  With the knowledge, know-how, and determination, success in the real estate field can be achieved.  I would like to thank Tom again for giving me the chance to interview him.

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