Monday, March 4, 2013

Blog 1: Interview

Alfredo Alvarez
Blog 1: Interview

For my interview I decided to focus on the up and coming man, the man who is still wet behind the ears and is getting dirty to make a name for himself in the business. This man is Martin Rojas Jr. He is young in age as well as in experience to Real Estate; he has been building houses for others and is now taking what he has learned from both schooling and hands on experience to change his life for the better. He is now buying and flipping homes in the Dinuba, Orosi, Cutler area and holding on to some for future rental properties as a retirement plan.

What made you want to do construction, how did your background prepare you for it?
I went to COS and walked through the construction department and this teacher asked me that if I was looking for the construction room because he had to fill in seats so the class wouldn't get cancelled so I said sure.... And just like that I just finished that course and then other opportunities opened up and just kept going.... I am barely getting into the whole real estate game and it is new to me still, it's a waiting game in finding a property and most times you get them and have to sit on them until the market comes up, I've had losses and also made good deals....

What does a typical day look like for you?
I usually have to be the first one at the job site and the last one to leave. I am usually driving around preparing for the next day. I always have to make sure that we have enough to start the work for the next day.  As I’m driving around I’m also keeping an eye open for any foreclosed homes that I might be interested in. You always have to have something on deck, can’t have too long of a waiting period between jobs

What qualities do you need to succeed in your field?
It's a combination of getting a combination of people with different backgrounds and skill sets and get them motivated to show progress and go with a budget and deadline you have to follow, and it’s a work ethic, and what you leave behind to show for it at each individual job site that you have to make an impression so that you get recommended

What is your ultimate goal, what impression do you want to leave?
My ultimate goal changes from year to year and is just like yours or anybody's and that is to be successful and the impression I would like to leave is for anybody to not be afraid and let whatever opportunity comes your way and embrace it and let it take you where you need to go

Life isn't always about knowing where you are going, but about how you get there. Martin was still unsure of his future until presented with an opportunity of a brighter future than that he had known. Now Martin is on his way to establishing himself as a new name in the Real Estate scene and will continue to take the opportunities that life gives him and will be making the best out of them. 

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