Monday, March 18, 2013

Chapter 6 Questions by Albert Chang

Chapter 6: Markets and Environments
By: Albert Chang

1.) Investment returns that are excess of market expects given are not diversifiable is the efficiency return. (T/F)

2.) The equilibrium market price are the price of supply and demand in balances. (T/F)

3.) The Free Market is market that operates freely from the government or outside control. (T/F)

4.) Homogeneous Product are the product of every other seller that are not identical to the product of the same seller. (T/F)

5.) Product that can move from areas of relatively low demand is?
a) Perfect Knowledge
b) Critical Mass of Market Participants
c) Free Market
d) Product and Input Mobility

6.) The unique locational profile of a real estate site include quality of exposure and accessibility.
a) Situs
b) Corner of the street
c) Urban area
d) All the Above

7.) The negative growth in the stock funds deposited in short term accounts within financial are results when depositors withdraw their fund to invest in the capital market.
a) Mortgage market
b) Government Bonds
c) Disintermentdiation
d) Economic  fundamentals

8.) The abbreviatione GSE stands for General sponsored Economy. (T/F)

Answers: 1.)F 2.)T 3.)T 4.)F 5.)D 6.)A 7.)C 8.) F

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