Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ch.7 Questions By Jazmin Padilla

Ch.7 Questions
By Jazmin Padilla
1. Externalities arise because of real estate’s fixed characteristic.
2.   Police powers includ:
a.       Right to regulate property for welfare of public
b.      Zoning rights
c.       Subdivision codes
d.      All of the above
3.Eminent domain is (the noun) completed by the process of condemnation (the verb).  
4.The use of eminent domain for urban redevelopment is a commonly accepted use.
5. Keys to a home are considered part of the fixture due test of adaptability.
6.Private rights supersede any public rights.
7.A cable line that runs with the party is an example of a
a.       Easement in gross
b.      Conservation easement
c.       Easement appurtenant
d.      Holdover tenant
8.A corporation known as a single entity will have which of the types of ownership:
a.       Tenancy in common
b.      Tenancy by entirety
c.       Ownership in severalty
d.      None of the above

1)T  2)D  3)T  4)F  5)T  6)F  7)A  8)C

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