Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ch 7 questions

BY Matthew Seely

Fee simple estates are the broadest and most complete bundle of rights?



In regards to Eminent domain the government can take your property for private use?



Intestate means what?

A.       Die with a will in place

B.      You have intestinal issues and need to see a dr.

C.      You don’t have a will

D.      You inherit property from your grandmother.

When you die in testate, you die with a will in place?



These would all be considered a fixture except.

A.      Kitchen sink

B.      Bath tub

C.      Kitchen Cabinets

D.      Refrigerator

Easement appurtenant has a Payee and a Payor.



With Adverse possession people can get some owner ship rights in your property.




In order for someone to claim adverse possession they have to do all of the fallowing accept.

a.       They have to be invited on the property

b.      It has to be hostile

c.       It has to be open( they can’t hide the fact that they are using the property)

d.      It has to be continuous ( they have to occupy it for the statuary amount of time, like 7 to 10 years)

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