Monday, March 11, 2013

Ch 8 Questions

By Matthew Seely


1.    Witch one of the fallowing are not in the precommitment stage in developing a property:

a.    Conceive the project

b.    Examine its feasibility

c.    Refine the concept

d.    Design the project


2.    Certificate of occupancy is issued by the builder?

a.    True

b.    False


3.    When do you get a Permanent loan when you are doing new construction?

a.    Before you start construction

b.    After construction is completed

c.    During construction

d.    After the frame is permanently attached to the foundation


4.    Draws in a construction Loan come from the builder?

a.    True

b.    False


5.    Performance or surety bond is a must have for any large construction project?

a.    True

b.    False


6.    Marketing is not important to the building process?

a.    True

b.    False


7.    Due Diligence is mandatory with any real-estate project?

a.    True

b.    False



8.    Project Postcommitment stages are all of the fallowing but?

a.    Design the Project

b.    Construct the Design

c.    Perform Due Diligence

d.    Manage the Asset

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