Friday, December 6, 2013

Chapter 11. Government Activity

1.  Who is a local government employee in a tax assessment office responsible for calculating and   
      maintaining and the tax digest?
     A. Tax assessment office  B. Tax assessor  C. Assessor's parcel number  D. Tax collector

2.  What is a use that was established before and does not meet current zoning requirements but is  
     legally allowed to continue?
     A. Grandfathered use  B. Legal nonconforming use  C. Special use permit  D. Zoning variance

3.  What is a required land donation to the municipality from the developer of land to be used for
     public services?
     A. Impact fee  B. Dedication  C. Subdivision regulation  D. mandatory dedication

4.  Tax Rate = (budget amount for fiscal year - anticipated fee collection ) / (Tax digest - total
      A. T
      B. F
5.  Ad valorem value is the assessor's estimate of a property's market value for taxation purposes.
     A. T
     B. F
6.  Ad Valorem Value x Assessment Ratio = Assessed Value
     A. T
     B. F
7.  Conformity is a valuation principle that recognizes that property values are sustained or enhanced
     when a property conforms to its surroundings.
     A. T
     B. F
8.  Homestead exemption is a common assessed value deduction to permanent residents who use their
     property as their primary residence or homestead.
     A. T
     B. F

Answer ; 1, B. 2, A. 3, D. 4. A. 5, A. 6, A. 7, A. 8, A.

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