Thursday, March 6, 2014

Informational Interview ( FIN 180 Blog Post #1)

Daniel Hanjiev, Real Estate Broker with Guarantee.

How did you start in this field?

The way I was introduced into the field was by a friend of my. He and his wife took a real estate course and he asked me if I wanted to take class with them. I was interested in real estate in that time and I done some things in the field personally, had exposure to it. Really took it for personal knowledge didn’t think of getting into business, I sign up and all three of us took the course. That’s how I got exposed to it, was back in 1990.

What’s your education background?

Me and my friends started with Century 21 courses,  Real Estate Principles class, basically a class required to start. Then we took a ton more, I know Fresno City College offers a two year degree in Real Estate. Again I took these classes in 1990, I done everything up to State exam, I took these classes to start in business.

Different sectors of the market still have to adjust
 but growth potential is all ahead.

What kind of individual skill/personally suited for your career?

I think this is where you can divide it into several levels. Personality wise, person has to be somewhat outgoing, not be afraid to be engaged in conversation with people.

What is the future outlook for this career?  What are the areas of potential growth and decline?

As far as real estate professionals right now is really great time to get in. The market is moving there are sales.We just went through market correction, growth potential is very plausible for many years to come before we see another wave of correction. For anybody to get in right now it’s very good timing when you can get in and have sales. Just because of where we at in pricing and the growth potential that's still in front of us.

Different sectors of the market still have to adjust, but growth potential is all ahead. Commercial real estate has to go through adjustment while single family residence went through adjustment and in line for steady growth. 

What are some lifestyle considerations for this career?

It gets a little bit challenging, involves a lot of discipline to set up time for yourself and for your family. This profession can fully consume you into business, definately not a 8 to 5 type of job. You really have to treat your personal life as your business life
be confident in what you are doing

Advice for anyone starting in Real Estate field?


Once you get in make sure everyone in your sphere of influence knows you are in business, obtain further education, get familiar with contracts is very important and be confident in what you are doing. The rest will be history from here.

What is your future goals in career?

Personally grow my business with database and stay connected with my clients in my sphere of influence. In five years or so outcome will be just a result coming out. Put-in proper approach into position will yield results.

Who are your usual customers?

The given market we have right now, there are a lot of investors who have positioned themselves well. There are other investors who had adjust and are coming out right now to get back. From now on you’ll get to see a lot of primary residents purchasing, it all depends on timing of the market, pricing in the given market period. 

My focus is continuing education 

Which professional journals and organizations would be most helpful in evaluating the field?

I like Business Journal there are a lot of material on real estate, there a lot of resources online as well. I usually look into interest and mortgage related information. There are publications for investors and I usually try to look for local market in our location. My focus is continuing education.

Anything else you want to add?

Good approach in this business is also be in business for yourself what I mean by that is be an investor. Actively participate in real estate besides serving your clients.

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