Monday, January 28, 2013

Chapter 1 An Introduction to Environments and Activities in Real Estate houa vang

Chapter 1 questions and answers

1. (T/F)
 Real property is the legally recognized right associated with the ownership of real estate.

2. (T/F)
Real estate investment is by conversion of real estate right into money by lease and sale contract.

3. Which of the 4 real estate market characteristic involve in selling property in the market by waiting for better offer.
a) localized market
b) proprietary transactions
c) sequential bidding
d) No critical mass of market participant

4. (T/F)
Various lender operate in real estate goes through commercial banks.

5. (T/F)
Broker is a real estate professional who facilitates the sale of real estate asset by bringing togather only sellers.

6. A real estate professional who maintain and creates value by maximizing the attractiveness of properties and by keeping them leased up.
a) Asset Manager
b) Acquisition expert
c) Property manager
d) Broker

7. (T/F)
Appraisers is a securities expert who takes pooled real estate asset and creates derivative securities from the.

8. which of these involve maintaining loan by collecting and posting payment.
a) under writer
b) servicers
c) originator
d) derivatives

answers: 1) T, 2) T, 3) sequential bidding, 4) T, 5) F buyer and seller, 6) asset manager, 7) F Securitizer, 8) servicers

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