Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chapter 4 Questions By Jazmin Padilla

1. Poor land accessibility usually incurs ____rent and ____transportation costs.
a. low and high
b. low and low
c. high and low
d. high and high

2.  Regions develop sporadically and with no specific pattern. 

3. Central business districts are where major businesses make transactions via e-commerce. 

4. All of the following are categories of a competitive advantage of an urban area except:
a. natural resources
b. transportation
c. climate
d. population

5. Basic (or export) employment is responsible for an area’s competitive advantage. 

6. A local barber shop is an example of _____.
a. nonbasic employment
b. basic employment
c. central business district
d. situs

7. The axial (or radial) growth model emphasizes the high effect transportation corridors have on population and land development growth. 

8. Many companies benefit by locating close to one another; also known as the economics of agglomeration.  

1.A   2.F   3.F   4.D  5.T   6.A   7.T   8.T

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