Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chapter 1 Questions by Albert Chang

1.) The legally recognized rights associated with the ownership of real estate are real estate investment? (T/F)

2.) Heterogeneous products are a part of the efficiency market? (T/F)

3.) Data poverty is a part of an inefficient market? (T/F)

4.) The process of bidding for the purchase of an asset such as real estate that offers are received one at a time is Sequential Bidding? (T/F)

5.) Governing activity pay taxes to investing activity? (T/F)

6.) A generic term for real estate asset created by real estate lenders is?

7.) The term for someone who lends capital for real estate in exchange?

8.) Broker is?
a)Securities expert who takes pooled real estate
b)Homeless person
c)A real estate professional who facilitates the sale of real estate assets by bringing buyers and sellers

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