Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chapter 1 An Introduction to Environments and Activities in Real Estate

 Questions and Answers.

1)      A Term for a real estate market that tends to be geographically unique, which contributes to its inefficiency.
A.      Stratified product type
B.      Sequential bidding
C.      Proprietary transactions
D.      Localized markets

2)      What can be classified under the category of Efficient?
A.      Stock
B.      Fine Art
C.      Commercial
D.      Pyramid

3)      Is real estate Efficient or Inefficient?
A.      Efficiency
B.      Inefficient
C.      Yes
D.      Neither

T/F Question:
4)      Is Government a major consumer of space, like corporations?
·         T
·         F

5)      Life insurance companies specialize in long-term mortgages (called Permanent mortgages)
·         T
·         F

6)      Entrepreneurial Activity involves the exchanging of Capital, space and time.
·         T
·         F
7)       "Lender" is a term for a financial institution specializing in the banking and financial needs of households, which typically makes long-term, permanent home loans.
·         T
·         F
8)      Is a real estate professional who specialized in assessing the risk associated with the real estate loans called a "Servicer"?
·         T
·         F

 1D, 2A, 3D, 4T, 5T, 6T, 7F, 8F

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