Thursday, August 29, 2013

sean suon chapter one: Real Estates Analysis: Environments and Activities review question

1.)    A generic term for a real estate asset created by real estate lender.

a.)    Mortgage

b.)    Lender

c.)     Leasing agency

2.)    A real estate professional who facilitates the sales of real estates assets by bringing together buyers and sellers.

a.)    Appraiser

b.)    Property manager

c.)     Asset manager

d.)    Broker

3.)    An asset whose value is derived from the value of underlying assets that back it.

a.)    Developer

b.)    Derivative

c.)     Originator

d.)    Proprietary transaction

4.)    Securitizer is a security expert who takes pooled real estates assets and creates derivatives securities from them.    

a.)    True

b.)    False

5.)    Property manager is a real estates professional who specializes in assessing the risk associated with real estates loans.

a.)    True

b.)    False

6.)    Real estates investment is the process of converting the rights to receive income from real estates assets into derivatives securities.

a.)    True

b.)    False

7.)    Lender is a specialist within a lending institution who finds real estates borrowers and facilitates their borrowing funds thereby creating mortgage assets.

a.)    True

b.)    False

8.)    Efficiency is a term to describe how quickly transaction prices within a market reflect relevant market information.

a.)    True

b.)    False


1)a 2)d 3)b 4)a 5)b underwriter 6)b securitization 7)b originator 8)a

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