Tuesday, May 14, 2013

chapter 12 questions

Lulu Carrizales

  1. Value In Exchange is the attractiveness of a property to others who would be willing to pay for its rights.  (T/F)
  2. The exclusive right to sell is the most common listing (T/F)
  3. The 3 most common approaches to appraisals are the cost approach, income approach and revenue approach (T/F)
  4. The Value is Use is the value your neighboring business has. (T/F)
  5. The Sales Comparison Approach is also known as the Market Approach (T/F)
  6. The _______________ is viewed as the most authoritative and accurate approach for property appraisals.
    a.  Cost approach
    b.  Income approach
    c.  Sales Comparison Approach
    d.  All of the above
  7. A value ratio calculated from historic sales is the:
    a.  Capitalization Rate
    b.  Break-even Ratio
    c.  NOI
    d.  Gross Rent Multiplier
  8. Depreciation in context is the decrease in value caused by the diminished ability to:
    a.  Break even
    b.  serve users needs
    c.  sell
    d.  None of the above.

1.  T
2.  T
3.  F
4.  F
5.  T
6.  C
7.  D
8.  B

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