Thursday, May 2, 2013

Chapter 11 by Albert Chang

 Chapter 11 : Government Activity

1.) The total amount of taxable value of a property in the real estate in the country is tax digest? (T)

2.) Government employee that work on calculating and maintaining tax digest is a tax assessor? (T)

3.) Ad valorem value is the advertisement of a property's market value? (F)

4.) Tax-exempt property is property that do not have to participate from a real property taxation? (T)

5.) When an assessor determined a value that is used to calculate property taxes is called assessed value. (T)

6.) What is homestead exemption?
a.) Common assessed value deduction to permanent residents that use their property as there primary
b.) Exempt from paying property tax
c.) Exempt from paying property tax on their primary residence
d.) None of the Above

7.) How do you calulate effective tax rate?
a.) assessed value minus exemptions
b.) Property tax times Ad valorem value
c.) Property Tax Due divided Ad Valorem Value
d.) None of the Above

8.) A minimum required construction standard used to protect health and safety.
a.) Subdivision regulation
b.) Construction regulation
c.) Building Code
d.) All of the above

Answers: 1.)T 2.)T 3.)F 4.)T 5.)T 6.)a 7.)c 8.)c

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