Thursday, May 9, 2013

Real Estate Agent Interview


Q.  How did you get into the field of Real Estate?
                A. I had purchased two houses and got to know some basics of the business during those transactions. I found it to be interesting and something I could see myself doing. A short time after that I had a girlfriend that was in the mortgage industry who urged me to take the classes and real estate exam. Within a few months I had my real estate license. I quit my secure job of 8 years and haven't looked back.

Q. What was the biggest surprise you found getting into Real Estate?
                 A. How many agents there are and how lazy they are. I also quickly discovered if you don't prospect for buyers or sellers consistently and learn how to close them you could easily go months without a paycheck.

Q. If you could give one piece of advice to people looking to get into Real Estate, what would it be?
                A. I would say to find a coach or mentor that has similar views and results you wish to achieve and follow their advice, and don't be scared to hear no from a potential client. You will hear ten times more "no's" for every one "yes" when prospecting for clients.

Q. If you could, would you pick the same career again?
                A. Yes. It is very self-driven as far as the results and income you receive. There really is no cap to the income you can receive. The harder you work and the more skilled you become at converting prospects into closings, the more you get paid.

I decided to interview an up and coming real estate agent in the Sacramento area, Josh Blackwood. Josh is a residential real estate agent working for Re-Max.

When I first started my interview with Josh, I made my questions very generalized because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to know about his experiences in the real estate world. However, by the end of our interview, I realized that I was just unsure of how my future in real estate would really be, and wanted reassurance of some kind of how someone got into the business themselves, and whether they looked back with any regrets or not. Talking with Josh really showed me that to get into real estate you have to be self-driven, ethical in all actions and sales you make, and love the profession.

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