Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ch.11 Questions By Jazmin Padilla

Ch.11 Review Questions by Jazmin Padilla

1. The government is considered a "partner" in all real property ownership.

2. The tax assessment office is responsible for an inventory of all parcels within the county. 

3.  Property Tax Savings Exemption= Exemption Amount x Millage Rate

4. The homestead exemption is used to encourage renting rather than homeownership. 

5. The following are considered tax-exempt property except:
     a. Churches
     b. Restaurants
     c. Non-Profit Organizations
     d. All of the above

6. A city's comprehensive plan to improve its development and growth is usually a scope of 3 to 5 years. 

7. Zoning may be used for all of the following purposes except:
    a. Promoting a government run property
    b. Increase neighborhood conformity
    c. Regulate land use intensity
    d. Reduce negative externalities 

8. An exception to current land use regulations is known as 
    a. Administrative change
    b. Special use permit
    c. legislative change
    d. grandfathered use

Answers: 1.T  2.T  3.F  4.F  5.B  6.F  7.A  8.B

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