Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Chapter 6 Qs

Lulu Carrizales

  1. True or False.  Situs is the unique locational profile of a real estate site including the quality of its exposure and accessibility to neighboring activities and infrastructure.
  2. True or False.  Disintermediation occurs when a Realtor deposits from sale.
  3. True or False.  FNMA is the Federal National Mortgage Association and is called Fannie Mae.
  4. True or False.  FHLMC, or Freddie Mac, was created in order to create competition for Fannie Mae.
  5. True or False.  GSE stands for Government Sanctioned Entrepreneur
  6. A Subprime Market is the popular name for the market serving:
    a.  residential mortgage borrowers who qualify for standard hence prime mortgages
    b.  non-residential borrowers who do not qualify for standard hence prime mortgages
    c.  residential mortgage borrowers who do not qualify for standard hence prime mortgages
    d.  none of the above
  7. FHLMC is commonly referred to as:
    a.  Fannie Mae
    b.  Freddie Mac
    c.  Frankie Mac
    d.  Frenchie Mae
  8. Two years before the creation of Freddie Mac, the government created ______ to handle the government insured mortgages
    a.  Ginnie Mae
    b.  Ginger Man
    c.  No such program was created.
    d.  None of the above.
1.  T
2.  F
3.  T
4.  T
5.  F
6.  C
7.  B
8.  A

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