Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Chapter 7 By Albert Chang

1.) Public record is a document, electronic or paper, filed with local government? (T/F)
2.) Off-site force that influence use and value of a property is internal forces? (T/F)
3.) Government's right to regulate a private party is police power? (T/F)
4.) A local market that controls the supply of land or property type is Spatial monopoly. (T/F)
5.) Condemnation is process of government  exercises the right of eminent domain. (T/F)

6.) Government's right to take private property for the benefit of the public. The government is required to provide compensation to the owner property is?
a) Monopoly
b) Enabling Act
c) Eminent domain
d) None of the above

7.) Owner's right to sue a government and have court to oversee or stop condemnation process
a) Compensation
b) Due process
c) Eminent Domain
d) None of the Above

8.) The result of a government exercising a police power to an extent that property is worthless.
a) Regulatory taking
b) Public use
c) Inverse
d) Taxation

Answer Key: 1)T 2)F 3)T 4)T 5)T 6)C 7)B 8)A

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