Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Chapter 7 Questions.

Lulu Carrizales

  1. True or False.  An "heir" is based on first come first serve basis.
  2. True or False.  The Enabling Act prevented local governments from the legal powers to exercise government land rights.
  3. True or False.  Ad valorem tax is a value-based tax.
  4. True or False.  A Spatial Monopoly is when a single landowner controls the supply of land or property type in a particular geography.
  5. True or False.  Eminent domain is your right to keep your house even when the government wants it for public use.
  6. Escheat is
    a.  A state government's right to take unclaimed property from a deceased person.
    b.  A state government's right to take property for public use.
    c.  A property owner's right to keep their property.
    d.  None of the above.
  7. A Fee Simple Estate is:
    a.  The simple physical property.
    b.  The simple air space property but not the space beneath the property owner's business.
    c.  The broadest and most complete bundle of rights that private citizens can possess in real property.
    d.  The broadest and most complete bundle of rights that the government can possess in real estate.
  8. Just compensation is what the government must provide citizens when:
    a.  Their property burns down due to construction
    b.  Their property is being taken by the government
    c.  Their property was accidentally built over faulty pipes.
    d.  All of the above.
1.  F
2.  F
3.  T
4.  T
5.  F
6.  A
7.  C
8.  B

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