Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Chapter 7

1. A fixture is a appliance or something that is attached to the floor. (T/F) T
2. if you transfer your property rights to your relative or anyone is called a devisable. (T/F) T
3. Public records are documents filed with the local government. (T/F) T
4. Due process is a property owner's right to sue a government and have a court oversee or stop condemnation process.(T/F) T
5. Taxation is not a government right to make a financial claim on real property to fund governmental need and service. (T/F) F
6.if a person dies a family member can claim the person property and it is called_________?
   a. Instestate
   b. Testate
   c. Heir
   d. Escheat

7. what is Conservation easement?
   a. the right to use a property in a specified manner, and not an ownership interest.
   b. an easement that requires, or conserves, that land not to be use.
   c. restriction on fee simple estate interest.
   d. the right to possess or use real property.

8. define mechanic's lien?
   a. a lien that anyone who provides material or service to your property has the right to attach to your property.
   b. an involuntary, general lien placed on the property of someone who looses a court case and is ordered to pay monetary damage.
   c. a claim on real property as security for a debt or for some monetary obligation.
   d. developer create rules and regulation above and beyond government requirements.

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