Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Blog Post 1 - Interview

I decided to interview Gene Gonzalez Jr. for my first post. He is a real estate investor. I recently became close with him as when I received the real estate scholarship. The reason I decided to interview him is because I would love to someday be able to invest in real estate and he is only 26 years old.
How did you get started in this field?  
I got started in Real Estate at 20. My family was in the financing business, and I knew that I always wanted to be involved with Real Estate at a young age. At 20 I decided to get my license and go for it.

What was your educational background?  
I got busy with my career and took a few years off school at Fresno State. I'm currently finishing attaining my degree in Business Administration.

What are your major responsibilities?  
I work as a Realtor and Real Estate investor. My major responsibilities are managing my investment projects, taking care of my clients, and prospecting for new business. 
What is the most rewarding aspect of your job, least rewarding? 
The most rewarding aspect is experiencing the joy clients receive from a purchase or sale. The least rewarding part is dealing with the thankless working hours, or working with difficult agents. Non the less, the pros outweigh the cons.
Would you choose this career again?   
 Absolutely. I love working independently, so it's an ideal job for me. Also, I'm a bit of a workaholic. It's nice to work in a field where I'm always busy.

What is a “typical” day like for you?
 There is no typical day. However, I'll try to break down "typical". 6:00 Up & at the gym. By 7:30 at the office returning calls & e-mails. 9:30 I'm managing files, and projects. By 1:30 I'm marketing and prospecting. 3:00-6:30 showing homes. 6:30-7:30 writing offers.

All days end by 8:00 unless there is a special situation that calls for more time.

What obligations does your work put on you outside of the actual job?  
 To be professional at all times.

What are some lifestyle considerations for this career? 
 This job is perfect for the workaholic that also likes to take a few days off whenever they want. Understand you won't work set hours, but you will still have more freedom than most other jobs.

What kind of salary range and benefits are typical of an entry-level position in this field?
 There's no salary, or benefits. You're an independent contractor. There's no minimum you will make, but there's also no limit to what you can make.

Which classes and experiences would be most helpful to obtain while still in college? 
I love working with those that can efficiently communicate. I would highly suggest business communication courses, and also work experience. Get as much working experience as you can. Even if the job doesn't directly correlate with your career field. 
After interviewing him I am that much more excited to get into real estate investing. I have met with him a couple times at some of his properties and have gone over some of the factors he has to go through daily. It is a very interesting and challenging field.

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