Saturday, October 12, 2013

Chapter 8. questions

1.  What is the "teaser financial documents"?
     A. Company Bank financial documents
     B. Company Bank statement
     C. Equity package
     D. Equity package and specific project financial documents
2. Those stages of the development process which occur before the developer has committed
    significant resources to the project.
     A. Precommitment   B. Postcommitment   C. Productive analysis   D. Market analysis
3. What loan is the gap between the construction loan and the permanent loan by taking out the
    construction lender before the permanent loan is available?
    A.  Bridge loan   B. Construction loan  C.  Mortgage loan  D. Small business loan
4. Marketability study is an analysis to estimate the existing and likely demand for, as well as the
    existing and likely supply of, a particular type of real estate use in a specific competitive market.
    A. T
    B. F
5.  Certificate of occupancy is the process of obtaining the necessary government permits to begin
     and sustain a construction project.
    A.  T.
    B.  F.
6.  General contractor, a construction expert who contracts with a developer to  construct or to
     manage the process of constructing real estate improvements.
    A. T.
    B. F.
7.  Construction loan is a long term loan issued to a developer to fund the construction state of a
     A. T.
     B. F.
8.  Takeout loan commitment is a usually short loan.
     A. T.
     B. F.

Answers D, A, A, B, B, A, B, B.

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