Monday, October 7, 2013

Interview with Architect

Since I have been taking this particular class, I have been learning a lot of Real Estate Entrepreneurship. Through the class, I just realized Architecture is the one of activities related with entrepreneurship. As a construction management point of view, I believe that architecture is the most important valuable activity for Real Estate Entrepreneurship. Because, regarding regulations, zoning, planning, and budgeting, architectural activity can create a high value of land property rights. I had an interview with Mark Harold who has been an AIA Architect in Fresno for more than 30 years.    

1. What are some common entry-level positions in the field?
    Draftsman is very common entry-level position because they have to know how to
    design and build buildings.

2.  What are your major responsibilities as an architect? 
     I provide design service for my clients that includes the design of buildings, comply with 
     all building codes, review construction and approve all work to give the client what he 

3.  What is the future outlook for this career? 
     As young architects graduate from accredited universities and learn computer skills, they
     should look towards a different industry such as entertainment and use those skills for an
     industry that has little liability associated with it. 

4.  What are other areas of potential growth and decline?  
     It is hard to tell other areas of potential growth or decline because even before the
     Pyramid was constructed, architect's job existed. However I guess a new way of building
     design and building material could be potential growth.

5.  How do you see jobs changing in the future?
     Owners are now choosing to hire contractors and bypass the design professional.  The 
     contractors are then hiring the architect or a civil engineer to sign the drawings and then 
     not be responsible for what the contractor chooses to do.

6.  What have you found to be a major weakness of new hires in this field?
     They have no technical knowledge. Without technical knowledge, it is hard to survive
     amid high competition.

7.  What is the typical career path from entry to top management?
     Start as a draftsman and learn by actually completing the projects. Get involved in
     professional organizations and go to meetings, meet others in the organizations and
     participate in special projects and classes sponsored by the organizations. It will be a
     long process. 

During the interview, he emphasized that construction business or projects have been heavily influenced by government's economic policies. I totally agree with that because I believe not only construction business but also most businesses are affected. However as I learned in this class, real

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