Saturday, October 5, 2013

Diane Ray's Interview with Nathan Magsig

When one is seeking an example of someone that epitomizes the very essence of an entrepreneur, you don’t need to look any farther than Nathan Magsig. Nathan is best known to our community as the former Mayor of Clovis from 2005 to 2007 and current Mayor Pro Tem but he has many more accomplishments to his credit. I felt Nathan would be a great interview candidate because he is involved with serving his community in so many different aspects and continues to seek ways of giving back and making a difference. Below are several questions I asked Nathan and his accompanying answers.

1. In the last ten years or so, what sort of careers and educational accomplishments have you achieved?
In the last 10 years I have completed 2 masters degrees in Criminology and Business. I was offered an opportunity to lecture in the Criminology department regarding juvenile delinquency and worked for a semester at CSUF. In addition to my educational accomplishments in the last decade I have also worked as a District Director for and Assemblyman, Executive Director of a non-profit construction company, Energy Director and RME of Fresno EOC. There are many other boards, commissions and nonprofit organization I have worked with and continue to serve.  

2. When you began your higher education path, did you have a clear direction of what you wanted out of it?  

Yes. I enjoy serving others and my education and carrier paths have been directed towards this passion.  

3. What course or academic area did you feel prepared you the most for career choices?
The MBA earned at CSUF has developed my ability to see opportunities and take advantage of them. 

4. As an elected local government official, how does that role promote the real estate industry within your area of influence?
Council members are responsible for land use decisions which include commercial industrial and residential developments. Planning for sustainable communities and seeing these plans developed creates a desirable environment for people to live, work, be educated and recreate. Property values in these types of communities will be stable and all industries will thrive.  

5. When you consider the growth of Clovis, do you work closely with the neighboring Fresno and Madera city councils as well as the Fresno County board of supervisors when determining the long term development goals of your jurisdiction?
Clovis works closely with all surrounding jurisdictions as well as the citizens of Clovis when planning for the future. 

6. What is your personal philosophy in developing the Clovis area? Are you more interested in expanding the city boundaries with new subdivisions or developing the vacant lots within the existing neighborhoods? Basically the urban sprawl or infill debate. 
The future of Clovis requires a balanced approach to development where incentives are given for infill development and master planned communities are created for the cities “green field” developments. I don’t think any city can have one without the other.  

7. As a representative of Clovis residents, what types of concerns do your hear most often from your constituents? Are they more focused on additional educational complexes, family oriented recreational outdoor settings, expanding the commercial venues such as shopping centers and service based businesses or crime and safety issues?
Most residents are most concerned with maintaining the community’s values. There are so many events in old town, the rodeo, schools, and at the memorial building and many families want to see these activities preserved. Preserving our small town values as Clovis becomes a large metropolitan area is probably the greatest concern of most people. 

8. What other career or educational goals do you see yourself striving for?  
I would like to earn a law degree at some point in the future. Long term I want to be the best husband and father I can be to my wife and children. I enjoy my involvement in government and non-profits. I hope to continue working in these areas in the future. 

9. What advise can you pass onto real estate/construction management industry oriented students?

Winston Churchill said it best….”Never Give Up!”

Not one to rest on his laurels, as Nathan indicated he will continue to seek out opportunities to improve his surroundings and the community in which his family lives in addition to growing personally as an individual. The entrepreneur spirit is often defined as a person who shows initiative in management and organizing any type of enterprise or business. Nathan will most assuredly carry on that spirit into whatever future endeavors he chooses to align himself with and I for one look forward to following his achievements.

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