Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chapter 8 Review ?'s

1.)  The key to surviving in real estate capital are

a.  following the rules of operative attitudes and importance of relationships
b.  conserve capital
c.  mitigate risk
d.  all of the above

2.)  The following is not a part of precommitment activity

a.  refine the development concept
b.  conceive a development project
c.  design the project
d.  examine the feasibility of the development project

3.)  Preliminary financial pro forma includes

a.  estimates of revenue
b.  costs
c.  marketing period
d.  all of the above

4.)  When a development of a project begins with a site in search for a concept, a productivity anaylsis is conducted

a.  T
b.  F

5.)  Precommitment is a search for negative evidence

a.  T
b.  F

ANSWERS: d, c, d, b, a

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