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Real Estate Entrepreneur, Brian Domingos Jr.

Real Estate Entrepreneur, Brian Domingos Jr.

Brian Domingos Jr. is a real estate entrepreneur that is originally from the Central Valley. He started his professional career in residential real estate with Century 21. After grasping the basics of selling real estate and creating a name for himself, he moved on to another branch of real estate practicing development consulting. His interest in real estate began when he was very young. His grandfather was a real estate entrepreneur who invested in real estate and would take young Brian with him when visiting sites, showing him the homes that would be potential business opportunities or current projects. So from a very young age Brian remembers being passionate about real estate and it is something he always knew he wanted. In Brian’s words, “the most rewarding aspect of my business is that I get to hand someone the keys to their first house and be part of the biggest financial decision in their life.” Brian also mentioned that he has been fortunate enough to have the opportunity in serving grandparents, their children and their children’s children. It is impressive that he has been able to help 3 generations, all in the same family, in buying or selling their homes. These are the types of rewards that motivate him in ways that money can’t. He also advises people that consider this career to be aware that money can only motivate someone to a certain extent and time, and once that source of motivation reaches its limit, it is hard to succeed in residential real estate if a person does not have other sources of motivation. 

The lifestyle of a real estate entrepreneur is very busy. He has to manage his own schedule and works around the clock to make sure he makes all his calls and stays up to date with his contacts. He says this is a critical part of real estate because it is a people business and you cannot forget about anyone. He has many days where he works late evenings and weekends to get the job done in order to satisfy his customers. People considered into the field must be self-motivated and carry integrity. There is a high level of responsibility when dealing with people and their financial investments and people professionals in this field need a higher sense of urgency to the activities involved in residential real estate and especially development projects. Having a great reputation can carry a real estate professional far and be one of the drivers for bringing in new clientele. 

In Finance 180 (Real Estate Principals), we learned from Professor Hansz that real estate begins with an entrepreneur who has an intention and vision in creating space. We also learned that real estate is artificially delineated space because it is part a human creation, and part Mother Nature. The developer also called the entrepreneur has a preliminary phase prior to making a “go” “kill the project” decision. The activities in this stage of the development process require due diligence, takes time & money, and extensive research. In addition, if you do not know the right people (local constituencies, agencies and representatives), how and what to present to them, or what prerequisites exist for such barriers, then an entrepreneur who has a vision to develop something could fail dramatically. Brian Domingos wants to help developer entrepreneurs, and is a specialized real estate entrepreneur that has the experience to walk developers through the due diligence and feasibility studies of a development project with ease. This minimizes the risk for entrepreneurs or developers because they have someone who is a professional at development projects, that knows who to talk to, and can make things happen. Brian Domingos has a company called Strategic Property Advisors that advises any developer or entrepreneur in Fresno or the valley about their real estate development projects. Sometimes it’s good to talk to a real estate development consultant such as Brian Domingos to find out if a project is even feasible or learn about what critical successful factors must be taken into consideration for a project to go from vision to creation. 

Brian is a successful entrepreneur who currently owns Premier Valley Realty (a residential real estate brokerage firm), and Strategic Property Advisors (a real estate property development consulting company). In the past Mr. Domingos has worked for superior organizations including; Century 21, Sol Development Associates, and the Fresno County Farm Bureau. He has also serves on the Board of Directors of the Fresno State Alumni Association, the Planning Commission of the City of Clovis, and the Convention and Visitors Bureau Education Foundation.   He is also carries a certificate in Air Quality Management and a certificate in Urban and Regional Planning. 

Brian Domingos recommends that a student considering real estate to expose him or herself to a few sources in Fresno such as the Fresno Association of Realtors (FAR), the Urban Land Institute (ULI) that has chapters nationwide, and Professor Hansz and the Gazarian Center. He also recommends students attending local events about real estate. His last note of advice is to “never think you know it all, and keep learning whenever the opportunity rises.” 

Brian Domingos is a solid real estate entrepreneur.  For advice in residential real estate transactions and property development projects please check out his website where you can find his contact information.

Written by
Anmmar Alsaggaf
Student of Entrepreneurship and Ag business at CSU Fresno

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