Monday, March 5, 2012


Pedro Santacruz
Fin 180     2-3:15pm
Dr.  Hansz

I recently had the opportunity to interview a real state agent by the name of Jack Sullivan.  Jack has being working for zip realty for the last 10 years.  He started working in the real state market when real state was at its prime.  In the last 2-4 years he noticed a drastic change in the real state market.  He noticed the real state going down hill with very low sales.  He stated that while he worked his way up in the real state world, he also worked as a full time painter for a construction company.  Jack also stated that in order to be successful you have to be well known and have a good reputation among the community.  In many ways who you know will make a difference on how well you’ll do in the real state market.  Jack ended up quitting his job as a painter in 2005 because he saw a tremendous increase in residential sales.

1. Q: What made you switched to real state?

A: I always wanted to see how it was inside the real state market.  I also admire how well dressed and clean real state agents looked.  I also wanted a change of careers and did not see real progress as a painter.  I had being working for a construction company for about 10 years and didn’t really move up in the latter. 

 2. Q:  What would you say it was the hardest thing to do in order to obtain your license?

A:  I would say that the hardest thing to do was getting my license.  The first obstacle I had was money; I couldn’t afford to pay my bills and my classes.  The second thing was getting the proper information in order to take the required classes.  After taking the classes I took the license exam and passed it.

3.  Q:   How did you begin looking work in the real state market?

A:  I had good friends that worked in different companies like Century 21, and London Properties.  They encourage me to interview with them and open up my options.  After interviewing with a few companies I ended up choosing Zip realty.  I felt comfortable with them and liked the environment. 

4.  Q: what would you say about the recent real state crisis?

A:  I think the cause of the down fall of the real state market was the countries recession and millions of dollars spent in the war had much to do with the economic crisis.  Also many real state agents used their power and abilities to sell real state to people that could not afford it. 

5.  Q:  Now that real state is so slow and there is not many sales how do manage it? 

A:  Since I still have 10 of experience in painting and many friends in construction I have a job as a painter and still work as a realtor when ever I can.  At times I don’t have time to do anything else but it is rewarding when sales do occur. 

I would like to give especial thank you to Jack Sullivan for allowing me to interview him and for proving me with answers to all the questions I had for him.  Again thank you Jack and I sincerely hope that real state does well for you and you continue being a successful agent.

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