Monday, March 5, 2012

Informational Interview

Jose Cruz
Fin180 2-3:15pm

I interviewed one of my co-workers, Bill Evans, with Self-Help Enterprises. Self-Help is a non-profit organization that helps communities in the central valley with the main office located in Vasalia, CA. Their main service is to give low-income families hosing by provided home building assistance, first time buyer assistance, or rental housing. Bill Evans acts as the real estate developer and broker of record. He manages property acquisition and reviews loans. Bill returned from retirement and joined Self-Help Enterprises five years ago.
            Bill Evans is from Visalia, CA and attended San Jose State. He graduated with a bachelor in Business with specialty in Real Estate. He has taken many classes in appraisal, management, and lending at USC and Fresno State. He began his career as an appraisal trainee and become manager in six years. He then started his own Real Estate Sales business after obtaining his broker license. After the 1980s crisis and 14 years later, he obtained a contractor builders license and became a developer. He then joined a local developer before joining Self-Help Enterprises. His business was small and bigger businesses drove him out of real estate sales. Bill Evans was the President of the local Real Estate Board and was in the State Board for three years during his career
            According to Bill Evans, the most rewarding part of real estate is changing people’s lives by providing comfort and human space. He also mentioned that if would have known about Self-Help Enterprises earlier in his life, then he would have joined them earlier. He said that it is so rewarding helping families obtain affordable housing. A better housing improves the community, the education of the children, and better opportunities for the entire family. He understood the importance of housing because he was raised in a low-income family
Bill Evans said that most important aspect of real estate is people. You have to like people in order to join this business. Every transaction involves people and collaboration is very important. People have to have integrity, responsibility, and accountability to succeed in the real estate business. They also have to understand their opponents and understand the changing laws. They have to build networks and be up to date with regulations and laws.
We also discussed the 1980s crisis and compared it with today’s crisis. Bill Evans had his own business during the 1980s and said he survived because he saved his money and paid his commitments. He said saving was very important because you never know if the market will be good or bad in the future. The proper responsibility and accountability has to be allocated in order to prevent problems like this two crisis.
Bill Evans shared personal information throughout the interview to better understand his situation and the reasons why he was placed in those situations. He said he learn the most for the shortest amount of time and learn the laws and regulations along with the learning the process. These things will help bring success in the real estate business. I was very fortunate to have sat for an hour with Bill Evans who has over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry.

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