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Blog 1: Informational Interview By Jazmin Padilla

Blog 1: Informational Interview 

 By Jazmin Padilla

Real Estate is everywhere and anywhere and for some people, such as Ricky Hernandez, the opportunities for property wealth and growth are boundless. You just have be willing to go out and search for those hidden treasures. At the young age of 22 years, Ricky Hernandez is just beginning his own career in the real estate industry and loving every part of it. But before we dive into his current property ventures, let us take a look at his background and what has prepared him for this exciting field.
Land Property where Ricky Hernandez is to build his dream home.  Photo taken from

Q. What attracted you to this field?
  1. “I have always been around it. My father is a general contractor and as a kid I was always doing the hands-on dirty work. I would help with the projects and renovation as much as I could. My dad also invested in properties of his own and I saw how it worked from him. The best feeling in the world is when you can see a project from start to finish. When I can create something from nothing.”
Q. Describe your educational background and how did it prepared you for real estate investment?  
  1. “In high school I took four years of drafting and architecture. I loved it. After high school I got my Associates in Architecture at Fresno City College. I had one of the toughest professors, who always gave me a hard time. He would scribble all over my work and called it crap but that was what I needed to push me and it really did make me better. Also, like I said, my dad is a contractor so I constantly saw plans and was exposed to that type of work lifestyle my whole life.”
Q. Describe your first real estate venture.
  1. “I was 20 years old and I decided to buy my first house. It was a 2007 foreclosure home for $50,000 in Madera. It was destroyed. Doors were missing, there was paint all over the walls. So I had to go in and fix it up. Man it was a lot of work but now I am renting it out and its doing well for me.”
Q. Can you describe your typical day? Your hours? Obligations?
  1. I am the general manager for a recycling company in Madera. It is called Buy Back Inc. My father created the company and now I run the entire business. I am up and at it from about 7am to 6pm daily. While I’m driving to different locations, I’ll see a property listed for sale and I’ll call. I don’t care if its one million dollars, I want to know the area and the home values. I’m always looking out for the best deals.
Q. What qualities are needed to be successful? Tips for beginners in the field?
  1. “Simple... great work ethic and most of all budgeting. You have to limit yourself now so you don’t have to later and you can enjoy a much better lifestyle in the future. I’m big fan of fishing and outdoor activities, and I got some great advice from pros out there. One pro I was learning from was also a real estate investor. He asked me, if you were to lose your job right now how long would you survive? That hit me so hard and thats when I realized I have to continue in real estate. I have to find a way to afford my lifestyle and my dreams. I also really believe that you have to surround yourself with successful or like-minded people if you want to be successful.”
Q. What are your future real estate goals?
  1. “I want to buy at least one home every five years. By the time I reach 30, I will then have over 8 properties that I’ll be renting out and receiving income from. I can then be able to build my own dream home. I already bought the land by the Country Club in Madera and I am drafting up plans. That is my goal.”
Just experiencing the tip of the iceberg, Ricky Hernandez enjoys each and every day being a real estate entrepreneur. He has used he experienced in general contracting to purchase foreclosed properties and renovate them himself into beautiful homes. He understands that there is a lot of risk in the field but with strong work habits, smart financial budgeting and a good support system you can reach your real estate goals. He is doing just that; a few months ago he purchased land on which he will build his dream home. As Ricky explains, “It is not just about seeing a vision, it is about executing your vision.”
I would like to formally thank Ricky Hernandez for allowing me to conduct an interview with you. Thank you for your time. 

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