Friday, February 8, 2013

Chapter 4 By Albert Chang

1.) Situs is the important location characteristics of a site? (T/F)
2.) The study of economic relationships over space is Thunen Rings? (T/F)
3.) The option or options foregone when you pursue a certain option is opportunity cost? (T/F)
4.) The central location for commerce in an urban environment and focal point of urban growth is CTB? (T/F)
5.) Who will likely buy land closer to the CDB?
a.) Tomato
b.) Green Bean
c.) Wheat
d.) Pineapple
6.) What is the Central Business District?
a.) The central commerce in an urban environment
b.) Fresno School District
b.) The central of the USA
c.) all the above
7.) The single land use that produces the highest return or price to a land owner?
a.) Urban economics
b.) Monopoly
c. Highest and best use of land
d.) All the above
8.) People would rather like downstream of the CBD? (T/F)

2.) F
3. )T
4.) F
5 .) A
6.) A
7.) C
8.) F

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