Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Questions by Michael McMinassian

1.      A mortgage banker is a lender who specializes in using borrowed funds, usually from commercial banks, to originate real estate mortgages. (T) or (F).
2.      Data poverty is a term that is coined in real estate to generally characterize all the information is readily available to everyone and is perfect information. (T) or (F)
3.      An appraiser is a real estate professional that develops properties as called an entrepreneur. (T) or (F)
4.      An origination is a creating a mortgage by lending money to real estate borrowers. (T) or(F)
5.      An underwriter is a real estate professional who specializes in assessing the risk associated with real estate loans.(T) or (F)
6.      Why is the real estate market inefficient?
a.      Date poverty.
b.      Localized markets
c.       Heterogeneous products
d.      All of the above.
7.      What is/(are) the five classic product types in real estate?
a.      Office & land
b.      Industrial & retail
c.       Retail  & residential
d.      All of the above.
8.      This term is a term that means someone who lends capital for real estate in exchange for contractual debt services and a collateral interest in the property.
a.      Developer.
b.      Securitizer.
c.       Lender.
d.      Servicer.

1.)T, 2).F, 3).F, 4.)T, 5.)T, 6.D, 7.) D, 8.) C.

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